Building Controls
Building Management Systems (BMS)

Enviro Building Services provides building controls solutions and supporting software. Building controls enable you to control many elements of a facility through the Building Management System (BMS). A BMS system will connect to, monitor and control mechanical and electrical equipment in a building including HVAC, lighting, security and more. 

Enviro Building Services works with clients to determine if an existing BMS is available, or if a new system needs to be implemented. Enviro Building services then assesses building infrastructure and configures a user-friendly and efficient BMS to control building equipment.

These services enable you to automate, monitor and control various aspects of your facility including:

Building Tuning
Remote Servicing
BMS Security
Electricity, Water and Gas Meters
BMS Service
Building Occupancy
Hardware Sales

By controlling a buildings’ sub-systems, Enviro Building Services is able to increase building efficiency, which in turn saves you time and money. Our Controls Management Services include:

Engineering and Design
Project Management
Hardware Installation
Automation Equipment Supply
Building Efficiency Tuning
Client Software Training
Energy Reporting
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